Solder Recycling

Solder Dross

Computer Salvage Specialists are the UK’s leading 
service providers for the purchase and

Solder Dross for Recycling Solder Paste for Recycling
Solder Dross Solder Paste
Solder Paste Recycling Plastic Recovery and Recycling
Solder Paste Recycling Plastic Recovery
Container Service Solder Dross Recycling Recovered Metal
Container Service Solder Dross Recovered Metal

collection of all grades of solder dross. Since 1996, the majority of UK based electronic production sites have been looked after by Computer Salvage Specialists. With the benefits of our London Metal Exchange linked prices, and our free national collection service all producers are now able to ensure they continually get the very best returns on their solder dross.

Solder Paste

Solder Paste is a widely used form of solder, but when it comes to recycling only the experts will do. Computer Salvage Specialists have developed a totally new process that enables both the recovered paste and the plastic to be recycled. This process has proved so successful that manufactures of solder paste themselves now have their scrap solder paste recycled through Computer Salvage Specialists.

Container Service

A container service is available to all regular suppliers of solder dross and paste. See the Container Services page for more information.