Environmental Policy

Computer Salvage Specialists has over the last 15 years worked with manufacturers,

collecting and processing a range of waste materials generated from the electrical, computer and electronics industries. We achieve full compliance with all relevant licenses and environmental regulations.

It is our company policy to consistently review all methods of waste disposal and recycling methods. To fulfil this aim processes are researched and developed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. For example the introduction of a solder paste container washing process has reduced the quantity of tin/lead bearing metals and plastic from entering landfill sites from a number of major industrial users in the UK.

Technological advances in the recycling industry are also monitored. Expertise within the industry allows Computer Salvage Specialists to take advantage of new recycling methods and processes, for example the total recycling of computer display monitors and CRT's.

Computer Salvage Specialists is a fully licensed recycling facility, inspected by the Environment Agency on a regular basis. Our unblemished nine-year record reflects the high standard of operations and management sustained on our site. The close working relationship with the Environment Agency also enables us to correctly advise our customers on their waste responsibilities.

It is the intention of Computer Salvage Specialists to continue to review our recycling processes and thereby strive to reduce the amount of electronic waste going to landfill.

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