Computer Salvage Specialists - WEEE Recycling Experts

Computer Salvage Specialists is the leading provider of recycling services to the commercial and industrial sectors.

Recycling the full range of 'End of Life' electronic hardware is exactly what the company is all about. The Newbury processing plant handles thousands of tonnes of electronic scrap every year, everything from hoovers and microwaves to TV's and Computers, 'if it has a plug on it, or a battery in it, then we process it.'

Established for over 25 years, CSS has constantly invested in new plants and processes to keep pace with demands of both suppliers and legislation. In 2011 a new purpose built facility at Thatcham in Berkshire was completed, endorsing the commitment that CSS has to the recycling of WEEE.

Along side this considerable processing capability, CSS also has a range of lorries and containers to help the needs of our suppliers. Large 40yrd Ro-Ro bins right down to single pallet boxes can be delivered to your site to help with the storage and collection of your WEEE. As you will find out when you investigate other pages on this website, CSS also hold a range of approvals and licences which confirm you are working with the best industry.